Diddy Files Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit Alleging 2003 'Gang-Rape' of 17 Year Old

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On Friday (May 10th), Sean "Diddy" Combs filed to dismiss a lawsuit accusing him and former Bad Boy Entertainment executive Harve Pierre of gang raping a 17-year-old girl in a New York music studio back in 2003.

As reported by People, Combs' legal team filed the motion in a New York federal court, denouncing the allegations and arguing that the suit was filed too late under the law.

Combs' legal filing contends that Doe's claim is "time-barred" because it was filed under New York City's Gender-Motivated Violence Protection Law. The law is a statute in New York City designed to address acts of violence, particularly those motivated by gender-based discrimination or bias. It imposes a statute of limitations of seven years for legal actions related to such violence, meaning that claims filed under this law must be initiated within seven years of the incident occurring. The law aims to provide legal recourse and protection for survivors of gender-motivated violence, ensuring that their claims are addressed within a reasonable timeframe.

The lawsuit, initially filed by Jane Doe in December and later amended in March, details disturbing allegations of sexual assault against Combs, Pierre, and an unnamed third assailant. Doe contends that while she was a high school junior, she met Pierre at a lounge in Michigan, where he purported to be "best friends" with Combs. Subsequently, after contacting Combs to confirm their association, Doe alleges that Pierre and Combs persuaded her to fly to Daddy’s House Recording Studio in New York via private jet. Once at the studio, Doe claims that she was provided with drugs and alcohol before being "viciously gang raped” by Combs, Pierre, and the unnamed third assailant.

The lawsuit includes photographic evidence purportedly taken at the studio that evening, including an image showing Doe seated on Combs' lap, who was 34 at the time of the alleged incident.

Jonathan Davis, Combs' lawyer, branded the lawsuit a "stunt" and asserted that it "fails to state any viable claim."

The motion seeks the immediate dismissal of the case "with prejudice" in order to shield Combs and his enterprises "from further reputational injury and before more party and judicial resources are squandered."

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