Former Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist Sued After Fatal Collision with Pedestrian

Former Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitarist Sued After Fatal Collision with Pedestrian - Mat Hayward/WireImage via People Photo Source: Mat Hayward/WireImage via People

Former Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist Josh Klinghoffer is facing a wrongful death lawsuit following an incident in which he allegedly struck and killed a pedestrian in Alhambra, California. The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday (July 10) by Ashley Sanchez, the daughter of Israel Sanchez, who was 47 years old when he was fatally hit while walking in a crosswalk. The incident occurred on March 18, 2023 when Klinghoffer was reportedly driving an SUV and allegedly made a left turn at an intersection, striking Israel Sanchez from behind while he was crossing the street in a marked crosswalk.

The lawsuit alleges that Klinghoffer was using a cellphone at the time of the collision, a claim supported by footage from a neighborhood Ring camera, which showed the driver holding an object near the steering wheel. The video evidence captured the fatal collision, showing the vehicle striking Sanchez and then pulling over. Israel Sanchez suffered blunt force trauma to the head and later succumbed to his injuries after being taken to the hospital.

In a statement with TMZ, Klinghoffer’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, characterized the incident as a “tragic accident.” He stated that Klinghoffer immediately stopped his vehicle, called authorities, and has fully cooperated with law enforcement. Despite this, no charges or tickets were issued following the accident. Attorney Nick Rowley, representing the Sanchez family, has criticized the lack of legal action, describing the incident as a “reckless homicide” and expressing frustration over the absence of charges against Klinghoffer.

Ashley Sanchez is seeking a jury trial and damages to cover funeral and medical expenses, attorney fees, and other related costs.

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