Four Tops Lead Singer Alleges Racial Discrimination in Lawsuit Against Michigan Hospital

Anthony Behar/Sipa USA/AP via Washington Post Photo Source: Anthony Behar/Sipa USA/AP via Washington Post

Alexander Morris, the current lead singer of the Four Tops, has filed a lawsuit against Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital in Warren, Michigan. The lawsuit, filed on Monday, alleges racial discrimination and misconduct during a visit in April 2023, when Morris sought treatment at the hospital's emergency room for chest pain and breathing difficulties.

The lawsuit contends that hospital staff refused to believe Morris' identity as a celebrity member of the Motown group, wrongfully assuming he was mentally ill. This led to Morris being restrained and subjected to a psychological examination against his will. It wasn't until a nurse confirmed his identity that the examination was canceled.

The Four Tops, a renowned Motown group formed in the 1950s, are known for hits like "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)" and "It's The Same Old Song." Although Morris joined the group in 2019 and is not an original member, his association with the iconic group is well-established.

The lawsuit further details that the hospital's apology, which included a $25 gift card, was declined by Morris. He has publicly spoken about the incident, expressing frustration at being questioned about his mental state upon returning to his hometown of Detroit.

In response to the lawsuit, Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital emphasized they’re “committed to human dignity” and stated they “do not condone racial discrimination.” However, they declined to comment on the pending litigation.

Nina Richards
Nina Richards
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