Hawaii Reaches Landmark Settlement with Youth Over Climate Change Lawsuit

Hawaii Reaches Landmark Settlement with Youth Over Climate Change Lawsuit - Elyse Butler/Earthjustice via hawaiipublicradio.org Photo Source: Elyse Butler/Earthjustice via hawaiipublicradio.org

The state of Hawaii has reached a settlement with a group of young people who sued the state over its greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector. This marks the first time such a youth-led climate change lawsuit has been settled in the United States.

The 2022 lawsuit was filed by 13 young plaintiffs, aged 11 to 20, who argued that Hawaii’s transportation emissions infringed on their constitutional right to a clean and healthy environment. The settlement, announced on Thursday, signifies a major step in addressing climate change through legal action initiated by the younger generation.

Under the agreement, Hawaii has committed to producing a comprehensive greenhouse gas reduction plan with interim targets extending through 2045. Additionally, the state will establish a youth council to advise the Department of Transportation on climate issues, invest in pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure, and allocate $40 million towards electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

“This partnership marks a pivotal step towards preserving Hawaii for future generations—one that will have a ripple effect on the world,” said Rylee Brooke K., a 16-year-old plaintiff, in a written statement. “I hope our case inspires youth to always use their voices to hold leaders accountable for the future they will inherit.”

While youth climate lawsuits have been filed across the nation and around the globe, Hawaii's settlement represents a notable precedent. It demonstrates the potential for young activists to influence state policies and hold governments accountable for environmental stewardship.

This settlement could lead to similar agreements in other states and regions, highlighting the critical role that legal action can play in advancing climate change mitigation efforts.

Youth-led climate litigation has seen varying degrees of success in the United States. In Montana, a group of young plaintiffs successfully sued the state over its contribution to climate change, leading to a significant ruling. However, a broader nationwide lawsuit has not yet achieved the same level of success.

Rachel Kaufman
Rachel Kaufman
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