Kanye West Faces New Lawsuit Over Hitler Praise and Racism Allegations by Former Donda Academy Employee

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Former employee Trevor Phillips has filed a lawsuit against rapper Kanye West, alleging discrimination and misconduct at Donda Academy, West's now-shuttered private Christian school located in Los Angeles. Phillips, who previously worked for West's fashion brand Yeezy, claims he faced “severe discrimination, harassment, and retaliation” during his employment at the school.

According to Phillips, his job at Donda Academy involved overseeing a project aimed at developing a self-sustaining community. However, he alleges that his experience at the school was marred by instances of discrimination and inappropriate behavior by West. Allegations include West making comparisons between himself and Adolf Hitler, making antisemitic remarks, and expressing hatred towards Jewish people.

Legal documents describe an incident where Phillips recounts West's erratic conduct during a staff meeting, which also included the presence of several children. Phillips alleges that West went off on a tangent about Jewish people seeking retribution against him and proposed shaving the children's heads and constructing cages on school grounds to confine them.

Further allegations include West's racism towards black individuals. As reported by Variety, legal documents claim that West “treated black employees worse than white ones“ and therefore Phillips was subjected to humiliating treatment in front of others because of the color of his skin. Phillips also detailed various instances where West threatened physical violence and subjected him to verbal abuse.

The lawsuit aims to obtain a court order known as an injunction, which would prohibit West from owning or running a school in the future. Phillips is also pursuing compensation amounting to more than $35,000 in damages. If the lawsuit is successful, West would be legally prevented from being involved in the ownership or management of any educational institution.

The legal action is the latest in a series of lawsuits filed against West and Donda Academy by former employees.

As of now, Kanye West has not publicly responded to the allegations.

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