Nike Wins $8 Million Default Judgment in Trademark Infringement Case Against Omi in a Hellcat

Image via US District Court via Complex Photo Source: Image via US District Court via Complex

In a legal battle spanning over a year and a half, Nike has emerged victorious against Bill Omar Carrasquillo, popularly known as Omi in a Hellcat, in a trademark infringement lawsuit. On April 19, 2024, a New York judge granted a default judgment in favor of Nike, requiring Carrasquillo to pay $8 million in damages to the global footwear giant.

The lawsuit originated in November 2022 when Nike filed a complaint against Carrasquillo, alleging trademark infringement over the design of sneakers resembling Nike's iconic Air Jordan 1 and Nike Dunk models. The legal action aimed to protect Nike's intellectual property rights against unauthorized use and replication.

Initially, Nike also pursued legal action against designer Kool Kiy and others for similar trademark violations. However, in August 2023, Kool Kiy's partner, David Weeks, reached a confidential settlement with Nike, acknowledging Nike's exclusive ownership of the trademarks in question and agreeing to cease production and distribution of the disputed sneakers. Despite this resolution, Kool Kiy and By Kiy LLC have yet to reach a settlement with Nike.

In recent court proceedings, Carrasquillo's legal representation withdrew from the case in February 2024 after Carrasquillo failed to meet outstanding financial obligations. Subsequently, in March 2024, the court granted the motion to withdraw, leading to a default judgment against Carrasquillo.

A default judgment is a legal ruling issued by a court when one party in a lawsuit fails to respond to the legal action or otherwise participate in the proceedings. In such cases, the court may grant judgment in favor of the party who has actively pursued the case. This judgment is typically based on the evidence and arguments presented by the party initiating the lawsuit, as the non-responsive party has effectively forfeited their opportunity to defend themselves or present their side of the case.

As part of the court's ruling, Carrasquillo and Reloaded Merch LLC are prohibited from producing or selling any sneakers that infringe upon Nike's registered trademarks in the future. This judgment reinforces Nike's commitment to safeguarding its brand and intellectual property against unauthorized use and imitation.

Despite the legal victory, Nike has not issued a public statement regarding the outcome of the case. Conversely, Carrasquillo, also known for his YouTube presence and business ventures, has yet to comment on the judgment or any potential plans for appeal.

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