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California’s gun laws are among the strictest in the nation. In fact, according to a new ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, they are too strict. In a unanimous opinion, the appellate court said that the state “cannot ban truthful ads about lawful firearm use among adults and... Read More »

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A charter bus accident leaves two adults dead and 40 injured, raising questions about vehicle safety and maintenance. Mid-Hudson Valley, NY - A devastating charter bus accident occurred yesterday on Interstate 84 near Wawayanda, Orange County, claiming the lives of two adults and injuring 40 others. The bus carried students... Read More »

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A California school district has agreed to a $27 million settlement with the family of a boy who was bullied to death in 2019. Lawyers representing the legal guardians of 13-year-old Diego Stolz announced the settlement with the Moreno Valley Unified School District last Wednesday. The family (Diego's legal guardians)... Read More »

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When Google placed an ad that told viewers they could “Enhance your Google Maps experience,” if they clicked a box that said, “Yes I’m in,” the click actually did just the opposite. It turned on their location history, enabling Google to collect, store and use location data for profiling and... Read More »

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Heartbreaking news over the weekend at a New York daycare has resulted in the arrest of at least two individuals. Last Friday, New York City police announced that a one-year-old boy died after “coming in contact with an opioid” while in the care of a home-based childcare facility in the... Read More »

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Striking workers are making headlines across America. As union members from the country’s Big Three automakers hit the picket lines, contentious negotiations between striking writers and actors and the Hollywood studios have been going on in California for over 100 days. In support of the workers, the State’s legislators passed... Read More »

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The spicy “One Chip Challenge” tortilla chip is being pulled from store shelves across the nation after a 14-year-old Massachusetts teen reportedly died after eating the chip. The chip gained popularity on social media, garnering the attention of teens and young adults. The challenge urges participants to film themselves eating... Read More »

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Sin City is struggling to get back online after a string of cyber security attacks shut down major hotels last week. Last Monday, global chain MGM Resorts International announced that it was dealing with a “cybersecurity issue” that was affecting some of its online operations. In response, the casino said... Read More »

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The family of a New York man has filed a lawsuit against Peloton, a popular workout company. The family accuses Peloton of negligence after their loved one died when the bike fell on him. The lawsuit was filed in March 2023 in the Brooklyn Civil Supreme Court but only came... Read More »

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A Santa Barbara County jury awarded $63 million to Kevin Wright, a man who developed cancer after unknowingly purchasing, building, and living on contaminated land. This case was against Union Oil Company, a subsidiary of Chevron, and highlights the need for corporate accountability and regulatory oversight. According to, in... Read More »

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Kroger is the latest player to settle claims related to opioid overprescription and overdose lawsuits. Earlier this month, the grocery store chain agreed to pay $1.4 billion over the next 11 years for its role in the national opioid epidemic. Kroger currently operates nearly 1,300 stores across the US. The... Read More »

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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) targeted a star-studded NFT project, "Stoner Cats," featuring the voices of Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Chris Rock, Jane Fonda, Seth MacFarlane, and other Hollywood celebrities. On Wednesday, September 13, the federal agency charged the creators of the animated series for conducting an unregistered... Read More »

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As school boards across the United States escalate their efforts to ban books that teach about sexual orientation, race, history and gender, California is going in the opposite direction. Both Houses of the State legislature passed Assembly Bill 1078, and it is now headed for Governor Gavin Newsom’s certain signature.... Read More »

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One Virginia mom has filed a lawsuit against her child’s high school after she says school officials secretly transitioned her daughter into a male, causing a chain of events that ultimately led the teen into the dark world of sex trafficking. Michele Blair filed her lawsuit in the United States... Read More »

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When Timothy Leary and other pioneers of the psychedelic counterculture of the 1960s wrote about magic mushrooms and other mind-bending drugs, few people would have believed that many of them could actually become legal, albeit 50 years later. Some forms of plant-based psychedelics are already sold in Colorado, Oregon and... Read More »