Brad Pitt Faces Countersuit in Château Miraval Winery Battle for Allegedly Misappropriating Funds

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In the latest development of the ongoing legal saga surrounding the esteemed Château Miraval, Hollywood actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie find themselves further entwined in the legal battle over their famed $500 million French winery.

The conflict, which has been brewing for years, has now taken a new turn as Pitt faces a countersuit from the Tenute del Mondo wine group, the company to which Jolie seeks to sell her shares in the winery. The legal dispute revolves around allegations of misappropriation of funds from Château Miraval by Pitt and his company, Mondo Bongo.

Pitt, 60, and Jolie, 48, acquired Château Miraval back in 2008, during their relationship's zenith. Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Provence, the winery quickly became a symbol of their shared investments and aspirations. However, as their personal relationship deteriorated, so did their business partnership.

At the heart of the legal battle lies Pitt's previous lawsuit against Tenute del Mondo, where he contested the company's rights to acquire Jolie's shares in the winery. In a surprising turn of events, Pitt now faces a retaliatory legal action from the very entity he sought to thwart.

According to court documents obtained by, Tenute del Mondo alleges that Pitt and his company have treated Château Miraval as their "personal piggy bank," diverting substantial funds towards personal projects and ventures. These projects purportedly include a swimming pool exclusively used by Pitt, renovations costing over $1 million, and investments in unrelated businesses such as a recording studio, cosmetics line, and gin brand.

The lawsuit accuses Pitt of siphoning off Château Miraval's assets to benefit his personal interests and side businesses, thereby depriving Tenute del Mondo of its rightful profits and dividends. Furthermore, Tenute alleges that Pitt and Mondo Bongo have obscured financial transactions, hindering the company's oversight and involvement in the winery's operations.

The legal battle between Pitt and Jolie over Château Miraval has only escalated in recent months, with both parties engaging in a war of words and legal maneuvers. Jolie's efforts to sell her shares to Yuri Shefler, owner of the Stolichnaya vodka brand, were thwarted by a Luxembourg court ruling in February, which mandated the return of her additional 10 percent stake to Pitt.

Meanwhile, Pitt's camp has vehemently denied Tenute del Mondo's allegations, asserting that Château Miraval owes its success to Pitt's stewardship. Sources close to Pitt, speaking to TMZ, dismissed Tenute's claims as an attempt to tarnish Pitt's reputation and undermine the winery's value.

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