David Beckham Files Lawsuit Against Mark Wahlberg for $10M Over F45 Training Deal

Rich Storry/Getty Images via The Wrap Photo Source: Rich Storry/Getty Images via The Wrap

Renowned soccer star David Beckham has filed a lawsuit against Mark Wahlberg for $10 million, alleging losses stemming from a failed brand deal with global fitness franchise, F45 Training. Wahlberg, who partially owns the company and is the chief branding officer, recruited Beckham and the company publicly announced their partnership with him back in 2021.

Beckham accuses Wahlberg of deception, claiming he never received the $10 million that was agreed upon in contract negotiations. Beckham also alleges that his portion of stock that promised was withheld by the company until stock prices took a steep decline, resulting in further loss in potential profit. The legal complaint targets Wahlberg's investment firm, Mark Wahlberg Investment Group, and F45 founders Adam Gilchrist and Rob Deutsch.

According to Beckham's legal team, the soccer icon agreed to become a global ambassador for F45 upon relocating to Los Angeles, endorsing the fitness chain through various promotional activities. However, Beckham asserts that the promised compensation was never fulfilled, leading to substantial financial harm.

In response, Wahlberg and his co-defendants have refuted the allegations, seeking dismissal of the case. They argue that Beckham's claims of ‘fraudulent conduct’ lack merit and attempt to shift responsibility away from him.

Court documents reveal that Beckham and Wahlberg's association dates back to Beckham's residency in Los Angeles, with Wahlberg acquiring a minority stake in F45 through his investment firm in 2019. Despite their initial rapport, the legal dispute has strained their relationship.

The current legal battle follows Beckham's unsuccessful attempt to litigate alongside Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf, against F45 Training in 2022. A judge ruled that each party must pursue separate lawsuits, leading to Beckham's solo litigation against Wahlberg and F45.

In a statement issued through his legal representation, Beckham expressed disappointment over the situation, emphasizing his desire for fair compensation and accountability from those involved in the failed deal.

Wahlberg, F45 Training, and their legal representatives have yet to comment publicly on the ongoing litigation.

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