Riley Keough Files Lawsuit to Halt Foreclosure on Elvis Presley’s Graceland - Adobe Stock Image by Mindaugas Dulinskas

Actress Riley Keough, the granddaughter of Elvis Presley, has initiated legal action to prevent the foreclosure sale of the iconic Graceland mansion, labeling the proceedings as “fraudulent.” In a lawsuit filed in Tennessee court last week, Keough alleges that the foreclosure was prompted by false claims from a company called... Read More »

California Supreme Court Reviews Challenge to Prop 22 on Gig Worker Classification - Adobe Stock Image by Tada Images

The California Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on Tuesday (May 21) in a critical case challenging the constitutionality of Proposition 22, a ballot measure that allows app-based services like Uber and Lyft to classify their drivers as independent contractors rather than employees. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and... Read More »

Sam Hodde/Getty Images via Sportico

Fanatics, a prominent sports apparel and collectibles company, has initiated legal action against Arizona Cardinals rookie wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. for allegedly breaching a contract signed in May 2023. The lawsuit, filed in the New York Supreme Court, claims Harrison failed to meet his contractual obligations and later denied... Read More »

NurPhoto/Getty via Business Insider

The family of a deceased 14-year-old has filed a lawsuit against American Airlines after their child died during an in-flight emergency in 2022. Fourteen-year-old Kevin Greenidge was flying home to New York City with his family from a summer vacation in Honduras when he suddenly lost consciousness and went into... Read More »

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A new federal lawsuit has been filed against an NYPD officer who allegedly shot a man unjustifiably in Brooklyn while guarding Mayor Eric Adams' residence in 2022. As reported by The Gothamist, Shahid Woodstock filed the lawsuit last week, claiming that NYPD Officer David Barker shot him as he was... Read More »

Adobe Stock Image

Libel or defamation occurs when a false statement of fact is made that damages a person’s reputation. The outcome of a libel suit depends on how injured plaintiffs are classified into one of three categories –private figures, public figures and limited-purpose public figures. The level of proof necessary for recovery... Read More »

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California enacted the Tanner Consumer Protection Law as a supplement to the state’s “Lemon Law” in 1970. The law gives consumers the right to either a refund or a new car if their vehicle cannot be repaired after a reasonable number of attempts. Although the law is over 50 years... Read More »

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