Amazon online store

Online e-commerce giant Amazon is taking a tougher stance on fake reviews as the federal government is cracking down harder on e-commerce platforms to ensure that customers are getting an honest and fair account of what they are purchasing online. Earlier this month, Amazon filed a lawsuit in King County... Read More »

Uber driver with Uber app open

There is little doubt that COVID-19 changed the courts. Motivated by health and safety concerns, California legislators enacted a statute that authorized testimony via remote technology. Now, judges have to grapple with the legal implications of the new law and new technologies. The petitioner in a recent case involving the... Read More »

Oil and gas refinery plant

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has announced that four pipeline companies accused of harassment and retaliation against employees have agreed to a $1.75 million settlement to end a 2019 lawsuit. The companies operate in Texas and New Mexico and have built and maintained oil and gas pipelines throughout the... Read More »

Medtronic device in hand

Medtronic Inc, an insulin pump manufacturer, is facing a wrongful death lawsuit after a consumer died as a result of using their pump. The lawsuit was brought by a plaintiff in Nevada on behalf of herself and her deceased husband. The lawsuit is one of several wrongful death claims against... Read More »

View of Venice Beach

Remember how people were told to wash their groceries when COVID-19 first disrupted normal living? All sorts of theories prompted all sorts of safety precautions. While understanding of the pandemic-causing virus has come a long way, no one, and definitely no court, has a firm understanding of exactly what business... Read More »

The outside view of the Church of Scientology building

The Church of Scientology recently asked the Supreme Court to weigh in on whether they can enforce a “religious arbitration agreement” against women claiming that they suffered stalking and harassment by the Church. The women claim the Church used harassment and intimidation in retaliation for coming forward about sexual assaults... Read More »

Computer system hacked

A former software engineer and Amazon employee, accused of being the mastermind behind one of the most massive data breaches in the US, is now facing a federal trial in Seattle. She is charged with ten counts of computer fraud, wire fraud and identity theft. Paige Thompson, 36, is accused... Read More »

Credit score on computer screen

After a report unveiled a computer glitch that impacted millions of credit scores, credit reporting agency Equifax is at the center of a class-action lawsuit. Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal reported that the credit bureau was responsible for the technical glitch that caused millions of individuals to receive... Read More »

San Diego Police patch on shoulder

The minor son, father and personal representative of a woman who died nine days after her arrest and transport to a police station cannot get a rehearing on their civil case against the City of San Diego and several of its police officers. The plaintiffs charged that the woman’s death... Read More »

The Illinois State Capitol

The justice department has announced that it secured a $293,000 judgment against the City of Springfield, Illinois. The judgment followed a jury trial in which the city stood accused of discriminating against people with disabilities. The two-day jury trial was the culmination of a lawsuit filed by the U.S. against... Read More »

Moab Police department talking to Gabby Petito

The family of Gabby Petito has filed a $50 million wrongful death lawsuit against the Moab Police Department. The family alleges that officers and the police department failed to properly assess the situation when they pulled over the 22-year-old and her fiance, Brian Laundrie. In failing to properly investigate the... Read More »

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