Amazon has had a tough month. The online retail giant is facing a number of massive antitrust lawsuits brought by individual customers and attorneys general around the United States. In two of those cases, courts rejected Amazon’s motions to dismiss, forcing the conglomerate to continue fighting for its interests. In... Read More »

loading dock

After a subcontractor repairperson was crushed to death on the loading dock of a Del Monte foods plant in Fresno, his widow and daughter sued the company. The trial court dismissed their case because precedent ruled that hirers of independent contractors are not liable for injuries to contractors’ employees. The... Read More »


The Department of Justice (DOJ) sued JetBlue Airways Corporation (JetBlue) to block a $3.8 billion acquisition. Working jointly with the State of New York and the District of Columbia, the DOJ filed a civil anti-lawsuit against JetBlue that aims to bar the purchase of the company’s rival, Spirit Airlines. The... Read More »

youtube with dollar bills

Following the downfall of Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX crypto-exchange platform late last year, a number of high-profile celebrities became the target of a class action lawsuit alleging that they helped fuel the alleged Ponzi scheme’s popularity. As that lawsuit unfolds, the turmoil surrounding FTX continues with at least 10 YouTube financial... Read More »

covid-19 alert on google

Last October, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a law that will punish doctors who display “unprofessional conduct, by spreading “misinformation or disinformation” when treating COVID-19 patients. It is no surprise that physicians throughout the state strenuously objected to what they called “censorship.” One federal judge halted the law in January,... Read More »

hospital members upset

Seven law enforcement officers and three hospital employees are facing charges of second-degree murder after the death of a Black man at a Virginia state psychiatric hospital. Twenty-eight-year-old Irvo Noel Otieno was taken into emergency custody on March 3 by Henrico County Police. According to a police report, officers were... Read More »

k9 officer with k9

A Minnesota police officer has filed a lawsuit against a County Sheriff's deputy after he was bitten by a police K9 during a suspect pursuit last March. Champlin police officer Daniel Irish, who now works for the Brooklyn Park Police Department was in pursuit of a suspect when he was... Read More »

buffalo wild wings

What’s in a boneless chicken wing? That’s the million-dollar question in a newly filed lawsuit that accuses national chain Buffalo Wild Wings of being deceptive in the marketing of their popular menu item, boneless chicken wings. Filed by a Chicago man, Aimen Halim, on March 10, the lawsuit accuses the... Read More »

abortion pills with ultrasound

The war on abortion being carried out in numerous states by mostly Republican lawmakers is now making prescription abortion drugs illegal in one state, with many more expected to follow. On Friday, the first state to ban abortion pills was signed into law by Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon. Earlier in... Read More »


Tesla owners are taking legal action after accusing the electric car company of monopolizing vehicle maintenance and repair services. The lawsuits accuse Tesla of forcing customers to experience long wait times and higher prices for repairs and service costs. At least two class action lawsuits have been brought forward, with... Read More »

sealed record concept

While the government is actively conducting a criminal investigation and pursuing fugitives, the media has neither a First Amendment right, nor a traditional public access right, to obtain sealed records. In a case clarifying the vital issues involved in the All Writs Act (AWA), which gives federal courts the power... Read More »

serious workplace injury

Governor Kathy Hochul recently signed “Carlos’ Law,” a bill establishing more severe criminal liability for corporations that cause serious injury or death to their employees through lax safety standards and other negligent or reckless conduct. The legislation is aimed at stemming the increase in construction worker fatalities in New York... Read More »

Rite Aid

Nearly 108,000 Americans died of opioid overdoses in 2021. Back in 2017, the federal government declared opioids a public health emergency. But the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics (NCDAS) is still reporting that 136 people are overdosing and dying each day. Calling pharmacies “critical gatekeepers against the unlawful dispensing... Read More »


Sandra Lopez, an employee of the Catholic Charities of Omaha, Nebraska, has filed a lawsuit against her employer after she says she suffered emotional and physical injuries during an unannounced active shooting drill. Lopez alleges that company administrators did not warn her or other employees that an active shooter drill... Read More »


An Alabama federal judge has struck down state laws against panhandling, citing that the laws are unconstitutional. After the ruling, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency conceded that such laws were a violation of an individual's Constitutional right to free speech, ending a 2020 lawsuit. The preliminary injunction was handed down... Read More »